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Everything you need for a complete second year of Elementary Greek.

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by Christine Gatchell
workbook edited by Abbey Bogost
audio read by Ian Bogost
US$ 65.00

Textbook, Second edition: Paperback 6x9", 146pp, ISBN 9781615385256

Workbook, Second edition: Paperback 8.5x11", 120pp, ISBN 9781615385263

Teacher Key, Second edition: Paperback 8.5x11", 158pp, ISBN 9781615385270

Tests, Second Edition: Paperback 8.5x11", 64pp, ISBN 9781615385287

Audio Companion: 1 CD (74 minutes), ISBN 9781933900025

Flashcards: 93 coated cards, 2.5x3.5", ISBN 9781933900032

Product Details
The complete Elementary Greek Year Two course includes one textbook, one workbook, one teacher key, one test booklet, one audio companion, and one set of flashcards.Have more than one student? A whole family can share the texbook, and you just need to buy an additional workbook for each additional student in the same household.

About Elementary Greek
Finally, a Greek text that's both simple and substantial! Designed to be used as a full course for teaching children as young as 2nd or 3rd grade, Elementary Greek may also serve as a self-teaching program for teens and adults. No previous knowledge is necessary and each concept is covered thoroughly and reviewed regularly throughout the course.

Thirty weeks of daily lessons in the textbook insure a complete school year of brief, incremental lessons with no additional planning. This non-consumable text is useable for all students in a family. Year Two of this course continues the student's study of vocabulary, grammar, and translation.

Each student will require his or her own individual workbook, which provides practice and application at each step of the way. An audio companion CD is available to aid in pronunciation of individual letters, words, grammar paradigms and passages. The set also includes flashcards that cover every vocabulary word used in the text.

About the Textbook
•  Designed with Daily Lesson Plans so you always know what to do next
•  The text includes memory work, grammar lessons, review work, and practice exercises
•  The text addresses the student directly with clear explanations and straightforward instructions
(Year 2 Errata)

About the Workbook
•  Daily exercises and activities to coach translation skills and to reinforce concepts from the text.
•  Copywork for all memory verses and vocabulary
•  Regular drill and creative review mean students build strong foundations for later study

About the Audio Companion
•  Content tied directly to textbook lessons
•  Tracked over 80 times to allow easy access to specific content from the textbook
•  Packaged in a sturdy, protective plastic box suitable for shelving and easily found.

About the Flashcards
•  Covers all the vocabulary from the textbook
•  Heavy card stock with coating on both sides for durability
•  Rounded top left corners for easy cleanup and arrangement in the same direction
•  Includes English derivatives

About Christine Gatchell
Christine Gatchell and her husband, Matt, homeschool their five children in Red Lion, Pennsylvania. Christine began her study of Koine Greek as a student at Geneva College. Her love for the language and desire to see her children fluent in the Greek of the New Testament inspired her to begin writing these lessons.

About Ian Bogost
Ian Bogost is Ivan Allen College Distinguished Chair in Media Studies at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He and his wife Abbey homeschool their two children. Ian studied comparative literature and philosophy at the University of Southern California, Cornell University, and UCLA, including classical Greek and Latin. He currently teaches and researches on the intersection between literature and digital media. He is the author or co-author of eight books.
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