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by Christine Gatchell
edited by Abbey Bogost
US$ 15.00
Paperback. 8.5 in. x 11 in. 94 pages.
ISBN 9781615385041

An Essential Companion to your Textbook
Finally, a Greek text that's both simple and substantial!

This workbook provides daily practice to be completed alongside the text Elementary Greek: Koine for Beginners, Year 1 and is a vital resource for every student. While families can share a single textbook, each student will require his or her own workbook.

Product Details
We've worked hard to bring you the most complete, highest quality workbook resource possible.

•  Daily exercises and activities to coach translation skills and to reinforce concepts from the text.
•  Copywork for all memory verses and vocabulary
•  Regular drill and creative review mean students build strong foundations for later study

About Christine Gatchell
Christine Gatchell and her husband, Matt, homeschool their five children in Red Lion, Pennsylvania. Christine began her study of Koine Greek as a student at Geneva College. Her love for the language and desire to see her children fluent in the Greek of the New Testament inspired her to begin writing these lessons.

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