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by Christine Gatchell
foreword by Gerald R. McDermott
US$ 13.50
Paperback. 6 in. x 9 in. 157 pages.
ISBN 9781615385034

Clarifications, Notes, and Errata

  • Lesson 13, Page 60, the final sentence should read: ho anthropos estin apostolos.
  • Lesson 14, Page 67, the final phrase on this page should read of a lord, not of the lord.
  • Lesson 14, Page 68, the first sentence on the page should be translated: "A gospel of a lord teaches."
  • Lesson 15, Page 70, The terminal sigma on first line of the Bible verse should be a closing quotation mark.
  • Lesson 15, Page 71, in the classification for the final sentence on the page, the V for verb is misaligned. It should appear over the word 'remains.'
  • Lesson 15, page 72, the word hierôn appears twice on this page, both times with a smooth breathing mark rather than a rough.
  • Lesson 17, Page 78, quotation marks are missing from the final two lines of the memory verse.
  • Lesson 18, Page 83, in the paragraph under day 3, the final sigma on anthropos should be a terminal sigma.
  • Lesson 21, Page 93, the final paragraph on this page is a description of how to read the article chart.
  • Users of the audio recording may want to read this paragraph as follows: To read this chart, read down all four of the masculine articles, and then proceed to the feminine and neuter columns. The only thing you need to read aloud are the actual Greek words...
  • Lesson 23, Page 102, in the example following the first paragraph in day 2, agi should have a rough breathing mark.
  • Lesson 25, Page 111, in the article chart under day 4, the masculine plural genitive is missing the initial tau (t).
  • Appendix A, Page 130, entry should read entolê, hê.


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